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Self-management account - You pay 30%


By confirming this document you agree that:


Bek2u will collect your royalties and copyrights back to you, help you to take down infringements, advice and grow your revenue on all digital platforms.

This letter agreement lays out the binding terms between us.

  1. Grants and Rights

    1. We Get the right to manage the tracks that you or your account manager upload to your Bek2u account, register and administrate it in all digital platforms.

    2. You confirm that you are the owner or have the right to release the content that you or your account manager will upload to your Bek2u account. The content is not infringing upon the rights of any third party; and 

    3. You have not granted anyone else the right or authority to act for you in any manner that would conflict with either party’s rights under this agreement; and

    4. You grant to Bek2u control over the masters for the term, starting immediately after you or your account manager upload the content to your Bek2u account, including the exploitation rights and the right to license and sublicense, exploitation in any and/ or all digital and physical formats now known and in the future, including but not limited to streaming, downloads, and synchronization. 

    5. Bek2u will write your full details whenever such exploitation of your rights is being done, so you will always receive all the automatic reports and royalties. 

    6. You give Bek2u Non-exclusive, transferable, worldwide, royalty-free license to use your or the artists you represent - name, image, trademarks, logos and likeness in connection with the promotion of your content.

  2. Payments

    1. We will pay you from all payments we receive from all platforms or any other party, for sales, streaming, advertising displayed on, or any brand integration in videos viewed and/ or audio listening in connection with your content, as well as from all payments we receive from any other party for your music. We will send you your share within 15 days following the end of each calendar quarter that we receive payment, following receipt of your official invoice.

    2. The share will be 70/30 in your favour. You can set up the chain of shares with your partners in the track/ labels/ artists under you.

  3. Cancellation

    1. ​​Whenever you decide to cancel the agreement we will deliver you back your music and rights, in a reasonable time- ready to re-distribute by you or your new catalogue manager.

    2. Either party can terminate this agreement by sending the other party an email of termination. If neither party sends the other party an email of termination, this agreement shall be deemed renewed every day under the same conditions. 



By filling your full real name and e-mail address you agree to read and confirm our Terms & Policies document.

I confirm the above-written agreement

Thanks for joining Bek2u!

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